At Peaks and Safaris, we recognize the great need to safeguard the natural environment, human dignity, local cultures and ensure the benefits of tourism trickle down to the local communities we operate in. Peaks and Safaris is committed to sustainability and aims to achieve it through efforts to curb climate change which is a serious global challenge towards achieving sustainability.

Our Goal

We aim to follow and promote global/ local guidelines to reduce negative environmental impact in our operation and to encourage our clients & suppliers to do the same.

Our Mission

Given the importance of the strategic role of our business, we commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and strengthening the adaptation measure of our stakeholders.


Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project

The mistreatment of porters can be a troubling challenge in the climbing industry. We are an approved Partner company with the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project – KPAP – and the International Mountain Explorers Connection – IMEC – Partner for Responsible Travel Program.

We voluntarily participate with KPAP’s monitoring activities and allow KPAP to evaluate the treatment of our porters on all of our climbs. By climbing with us you can be assured that your porters are well taken care of.

KPAP also helps to improve the working conditions of porters by:
• Lending donated clothing at no charge to the mountain crew for use while climbing
• Offering educational classes to the mountain crew
• Educating the public regarding porter working conditions and climbing responsibly
• Providing industry guidelines for proper porter treatment

Please consider supporting KPAP by making a financial contribution to enable them to continue with their Partner for Responsible Travel Program and free services for porters. To make a donation, please visit the link below.