Nathalie and Jonathan
Sweden, March. 2020


We would like to thank you for the help and your flexibility in optimizing the trip according to our needs and wishes. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Harrison is a very funny and professional guide. We were also positively surprised about the comfortable accommodation and delicious food. To sum up we had a wonderful trip and are really satisfied with all your help and care about our safe travel considering the corona situation.

Greetings Jenny Gildéus
Sweden, Feb. 2020

Then we will come home again after a fantastic trip! All the residents were canon, are very happy with both places. Sleeping in tents was beyond expectation 😁 Also a big thank you for celebrating my 40th birthday !! We’ll see when it will be safari next time!!

Sweden, Feb. 2020

Thanks for a very well-arranged trip to Kenya. The camp was absolutely fantastic and our guide/ driver Chris a real rock, knowledgeable about animals, nature, and driving (which was required on the clay roads)! We are very satisfied! Thank you for your commitment and for helping us to have an unforgettable experience!

Sofia with family
Sweden, Jan 2020

We are now all back at our respective homes again and the journey went according to plan.Many thanks for a fantastic two weeks in your country. We are very happy with our experiences. Best regards from a windy and warm Sweden.

Sweden, Feb. 2019

Your guide over delivered on all levels. He is a real professional guide and driver. Very appreciated!

Sweden, Feb. 2019

Peaks & Safaris epitomizes leisure and educational travel. Your staff is pareil. I plan to use and recommend your service in the near future.

Sweden, Feb. 2019

It worked really well with the drivers, they were always on time, the students felt safe and they were really nice to talk to. Great team!

Waldron, Oct 2017

We had a very professional guide who had an astounding knowledge of finding and recognizing all kinds of animals on the safari. He drove very responsibly, smoothly over the bumps in the villages and the bumpy off-road terrain. Thanks to our guide we were able to see more animals than we had expected. He knew where to seek them out and positioned the jeep so we were able to get some amazing pictures with the right light.

Tami Wilkerson
Oct. 2017

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for making the arrangements. Our trip was fantastic and our guide, couldn’t have been any better. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. Thank you again for your hard work.