With our vast experience running safaris and productions in the region, we know all corners of interest in East Africa and beyond.

We provide all logistics necessary for photography & film productions.

This includes:

  • Production management

  • Costing

  • Budget administration

  • Location scouting

  • Crewing

  • Casting and all necessary facilities i.e travel arrangements, accommodation, transportation, filming licenses, work permits, customs clearance, and all other logistics on location.


Our Happy Clients

film clients


Wildkids Kenya – Jawrowski/SVT

Familjer på äverntyr Kenya – SVT


World’s most dangerous roads Kenya – Warner brother Holland

World’s most dangerous roads Norway – Warner brother Holland


Hero’s in the wild Kenya – Talpa, Netherlands

80-year-olds around the world Swedish Lapland episode – Talpa, Netherlands

Into the wild Kenya – Talpa, Netherlands

Journey of a Lifetime Swedish Lapland – Talpa, Netherlands

Sweden & Norway

Linda och the Heros in the Wild – TV 4 Sweden

Season 2 Största äventyet kenya 4 episodes Sweden (Dropped) – TV 4 Sweden/Mastiff

Season 1 Hjältarnas kamp Kenya 4 episodes Norway (Dropped) TV 2 Norway/Mastiff

Season 3 Största äventyret Kenya 4 episodes Sweden and Norway (Dropped) Mastiff