About Us

About Our Company

Peaks & Safaris is an independent travel company founded and run by Swedish & Kenyan directors. It was founded by Jonas Gejke and today, he co-owns it with Managing Director and team leader, Vera Musili.

With a long and rich history of operational experience in East Africa, ours is a story of GRIP.

Growth  |  Resilience  |  Inspiration  |  Paying it Forward

All our team members add a flavor of East Africa to each client experience with their varying cultural backgrounds, professionalism, and passion for travel and nature.

Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles and network of industry partners ensures that your dream safari is more memorable than you ever imagined.

Why Us?



How it Started

When Jonas moved to Kenya in the early 90s, he was driven by a passion for nature, an indisputable adventure spirit, a drive for business & enterprise, and a heart for people. He worked with various camps and lodges as the warmth and spirit of East Africa marinated in his heart.

After many months and years of culinary services and hosting travelers from all over the world, Jonas decided to share his love for Kenya and the larger East Africa with his family & friends, Scandinavian citizens, and eventually, the rest of the world.

With only one car to serve clients, Jonas partnered with other Norwegian (Thune) and Swedish (Kris) investors and recruited local tour guides and other staff members to make every tour and safari, a truly, memorable Kenyan Experience.

One of the staff members who joined the initial team was Vera and together, the team established JK Safaris which is currently known as Peaks & Safaris Ltd.

That was the beginning of GROWTH.


It built a Company

At Peaks & Safaris, age is not just a number. It is a summary of what makes our guests have unique experiences while visiting Kenya.

When Vera came on board, her skillset, thirst for learning, and deep-seated love for travel complemented Jonas’ drive to dare the boundaries of safari experiences.

She started by helping with the itinerary and logistics. Together they brought onboard partners to lease the vehicles and offer accommodation in various locations for the guests. Unknown to them, this was the beginning of a future that would be riddled with fun, challenges, and work, similar to the nature of the safari country in which they hosted hundreds of guests.

The one client multiplied and the service offering expanded to include the beach safaris, tours in the Kenyan wild, excursions to East Africa’s peaks, and film productions.

These excursions at Peaks & Safaris could only have been made possible by RESILIENCE.


Keeps us Going

Every staff member at Peaks & Safaris is a master of their destiny. They choose the path that brings out the best in them and the leadership team facilitates that growth.

Tours & Safaris are successful when handled by a team that has a shared vision.

For us at Peaks & Safaris, our shared vision is to be a family of conscious citizens that advocate for and actualize sustainable tourism as we open up the cultural diversity, flora, and fauna of East Africa to the rest of the world.

We achieve our goals because we have the INSPIRATION to do so.

Paying it Forward

For Sustainability

People all over the world will want to travel tomorrow or another day in the future.

They might want the same experience they have heard about in tales or have been passed on through memorabilia and special gifts gathered by the older generation in their travels.

Whatever the case may be, the younger and upcoming generations inspire us to be aware of our impact on the societies we work in.

Knowing that they should find a preserved nature, we pay it forward by planting trees, training staff in multiple skills, and resolving societal challenges that have a long-term negative effect on communities. Our continuous efforts have led to our recognition as a Travelife Partner.

At Peaks & Safaris having Vera with a deep passion for driving the Sustainability efforts, PAYING IT FORWARD is the only way to actively preserve and sustain the future of tours and travel.

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