With Sustainability being one of our main priorities, the Peaks and Safaris Ltd team has initiated and taken part in a number of projects aimed at protecting and enhancing various aspects of life that are important to us all.

Tourism provides an avenue to make real change in the society today, and as visionary people, it is our responsibility to ensure that our local communities, ecosystems and the general population are able to benefit in ways that encourage us to move forward together.

To promote sustainability, our team has been able to:

Promoting quality education.

Our sustainability drive has created opportunities for us to provide learning materials to pupils in under-resourced schools with the aim of promoting quality education to all pupils regardless of their economic status. This, mixed with fun-filled games and activities has encouraged them to work harder and remember that there are countless opportunities for them to better their lives after school!

Environmental conservation.

Environment has suffered under the effects of climate change for years now. Planting and growing of trees will go a long way to curb these effects, and as an added advantage, animals will also benefit from these trees through various ways such as availability of shelter, food from the trees and even act as a home to some species!

Wildlife Protection

Our team partnered with 3Es Experience Org in the Waste Free Parks Initiative that aims at protecting wildlife from the dangers of poor waste disposal.

Through this initiative, we’ve been able to sensitize tourists visiting parks on the dangers of plastic waste on animals and issuing of biodegradable litter bags to promote the course.

This has ensured that our wildlife, which are a huge resource in tourism are protected and that their habitats are kept clean and respected.

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